Ekatherina S.: „Journey of the Soul“, 2018    

„Journey of the Soul“, 2018
exhibition catalogue
published by Gallery Pingvin, Oslo, Norway

Ekatherina S.: HAPPY NEW WORLD, 2016    


"Happy New World", 2016
exhibition catalogue
published by Gallery Pingvin, Oslo, Norway

Ekatherina S.: Sacred Places, 2008 - 2014    


published by POMP, Germany
64 pages, Hard Cover
ISBN 978-3-89355-814-8

Ekatherina S. "Unity: Life and Death", 2011    

Unity: Life and Death
My new photo-project is "Unity: Life and Death". It is based on the culture of the Maya
civilization that inspired me during my travel to the Yucatan Peninsula...

Ekatherina S. "Her life and visions", 2009    

Biography book from Ole Lindboe "Ekatherina S. Her life and visions"
published by Palace Editions, The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
152 pages, hard cover
ISBN 978-3-940761-32-3

Ekatherina S. "Unity Jerusalem 2008"    

"Unity: Jerusalem 2008" catalogue
presented by "Unity Jerusalem"- foundation, New York
hard cover, 64 pages
published by POMP, Germany
ISBN 978-3-89355-967-1

Ekatherina S. "Sensuality and Spirituality"    

"Sensuality and Spirituality" 2008 catalogue
Museum Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, India
24 pages, published and printed in India

Ekatherina S.: Mystery of Woman    
Unity: Identity    

"Mystery of Woman. Unity: Identity" 2006-2007
Imperial City Art Museum, Beijing, China
hard cover 64 pages
published by POMP, Germany
ISBN 3-89355-950-7



Ekatherina Savtchenko – das Buch  


Ekatherina Savtchenko:
100 Gemälde aus zehn Jahren (1989-1999)
Essen: Auwald Verlag e.K., 1999
ISBN 3-933635-50-0

144 Seiten in Farbe, mit einem Vorwort von Dieter Vetterkind und einem Portrait von Karin Adrian v. Roques.


ekatherina s. – WORLD  


ekatherina s. – WORLD
westwood gallery, new york
forum artist museum, arte contemporanea modena, italy

64 Seiten in Farbe.


ekatherina s. – encountering the unknown (2002 -2003) 



ekatherina s. – encountering the unknown (2002 - 2003)
Galeri B.A, Oslo (Norway) / Maya Stendhal Gellery, New York (USA)
ISBN: 3-89355-929-9

64 Seiten in Farbe.

Ekatherina S. - UNITY (2004)

The State Russian
MuseumLudwig Museum in The State Russian Museum
Palace EditionsISBN 3-935298-97-8
Retrospective Catalog 208 Seiten

Ekatherina S.: Mystery of Man (2005)

Museum PAN kunstforum niederrhein
ISBN 3-89355-942-6
64 Seiten

Ekatherina S. – Katalog Unity, Trier, Koblenz, Düsseldorf 

catalogue "Unity: painting" 2003-2006
Museum Viehmarkthermen, Trier
Landesmuseum Koblenz
artforum E&Y GAP 15, Duesseldorf

english- german, 64 pages
publishing house POMP, Germany
ISBN 3-89355-948-5


Ekatherina S. – Katalog Unity, divine geometry

"Unity:divine geometry", 2006
niavaran Artistic Creation Foundation
Tehran, Iran
64 pages, hard cover
publishing house POMP, Germany
ISBN: 3-89355-947-7